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Volume 5 Issue 6 Paper 1
Human Resources and Economic Development: A South Sudanese Perspective
Dr. Akim Ajieth Buny and Daniel Atem Apet*
Despite being an important factor in economic development and for influencing changes in economic structure, human resources remains a fundamental challenge for most Sub-Saharan African countries in general and South Sudan in particular. Examining the human resources’ challenges from a range of interdisciplinary angles, this paper generated a good deal of discussion and debate on the role of human resources in national development in South Sudan, as well as how the nation has sought to improve the quality, practical skills and competencies of its human resources. In so doing, the research examines select characteristics of human resources development in South Sudan in the context of overall national development planning, Africa Human Development Report 2016, UNDP South Sudan Human Development Report 2015, South Sudan Development Plan (2011-2013), South Sudan’s Vision 2040, African Continent’s Agenda 2063 and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The present challenges that
confront South Sudan in the key policy area, namely the shortage of trained manpower and a lack of institutional capacity and infrastructure development are also elucidated. The study found that dearth of investment in quality education and training, lack of planning for the best possible utilization of available human capital both within the country and the diaspora and inequalities in human development are the roadblocks to achieving sustainable human resources and economic development in South Sudan. Increase in the quality of education, improving the investment
climate for private sector development and expanding access to finance in South Sudan to improve livelihoods and reduce poverty and closing of the gaps between the labor market and the education system are strongly recommended.

Keywords: Human Resources; Economic Development; HR roles; South Sudan