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Volume 4 Issue 12 Paper 1
Business environment in Saudi Arabia from the perspective of multinational companies
Nadia Khalil Alforaih
Email: nadiaalforaih033@gmail.com
In this paper, whether the Saudi business environment is favourable for MNCs was examined through a review of relevant literature. It was found that the business environment in the country is generally in favour of MNCs. However, there are certain concerns to be addressed in order to achieve the desired level of results. The Saudi government needs to attend to these issues as fast as possible for achieving its Vision 2030 goals. In order to conduct this research, open-source articles from Google Scholar were utilised. An attempt was made to select recent studies spanning the past few decades so as to assess the recent trends and determine if there have been changes in perception by multinational companies.

Keywords: Business environment, Saudi Arabia, Multinational companies (MNCs), Review