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Volume 2 Issue 11 Paper 1
Critical Analysis: Indigenous Australian Families in Health and Community
Salman Wasl Althobaiti
The aim of this paper is to critically analyse the ‘Closing the Gap’ policy in relation to Indigenous Australian families, the social determinants of their health, racism and colonisation. This policy is discussed with regards to how it affects Indigenous Australians, families and social determinants of health. This paper also analyzes this policy with reference to racism and colonization, and makes recommendations for learning as well as for nursing professionals. One of the findings of the paper is that despite the increase in funding towards this policy and its aims and objectives, the disparities in health and wellbeing continue for the Indigenous Australian population. In fact, the Closing the Gap policy has not been completely successful in the disparities for the Indigenous Australian population in all areas of education, employment, income, housing and health. The paper found that the Closing the Gap policy has not been successful in addressing the social determinants of health of Indigenous Australian families. One key limitation of the Closing the Gap policy is the lack of inclusion of Indigenous people in the actual creation and implementation of the policy and its associated strategies.

Keywords: Management Practices, Staff Engagement, Staff Retention in war and conflict settingsIndigenous Australian, Policy Analysis, Social Impact