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Volume 1 Issue 4 Paper 1
A review of the global trends in Halal
Meshari N Bin Qumaysh
RMIT University, Australia
The aim of this paper is to review the available research studies on the global trends in Halal. The Halal industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. This paper aims to review some of the research studies which have been carried out on the latest trends in the Halal industry, including in the Halal food industry. For this paper, specific search terms were used in the Google Scholar search engine and the results were shortlisted according to the year of publication. From the review of the available studies on the subject, it was clear that the economy as well as the way of doing business in the world is changing today, due to the growing Halal industry. This study provides a holistic view of the latest trends in the Halal industry across the world, including the Halal food industry.
Keywords: Halal,Trend, Business, Economy, Food, Industry