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Volume 1 Issue 3 Paper 1
How to improve the marketing of the halal brand?
Syed Faheem Hasan Bukhari
University of Southern Queensland, Australia
The aim of this paper is to review on the literature associated with the halal brand and to make recommendations about how the halal brand image can be improved. Aqualitative methodology was followed to address the aims of this research. Relevant literature associated with the halal brand was reviewed. The review found that advertising of the halal brand, quality of the halal products, religion and religiosity, mental norm, accessibility of halal, customer trust, credibility of the halal certification, and purity are associated with the halal brand. Additionally, the review indicated that the marketing of halal has traditionally been restricted to halal food. How
ever, there is a huge untapped market for marketing other kinds of halal products and services. For example, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, entertainment, tourism services, airlines, tours and hotels. The marketers is halal can highlight or promote the religiosity of the halal products, and the credibility of the halal certification to attract more Muslim customers. The non-religious factors associated with the halal brand, for example, the better quality of halal foods, and the hygiene status of halal foods can be used to attract more non
-Muslim customers. Other halal products and services should also be promoted to improve the halal brand.

Keywords: Halal Brand, Determinants, Improve Halal Marketing