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Volume 1 Issue 1 Paper 1
Influence of Islamic religious practices in marketplace options and consumer buying of food products – A systematic review
Syed Faheem Hasan Bukhari, Waqas Mazhar, Rabail Waqas
University of Southern Queensland, Australia
SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
A systematic review was conducted on available literature on the specific topic of the influence of Islamic religious practices in marketplace options and consumer buying of food products. A brief overview of the main practices of Islamic dietary law and their relevance to the research topic was provided. A protocol for the search and eligibility of research works was devised and applied to the open source internet database via the prominent search engine, Google. Further, only scholarly articles were considered using the relevant function on the Google Search engine. The final selected works were only six. The systematic review revealed some interesting observations. A majority of the reviewed articles were about the purchasing decisions of the consumers although some of the articles contained suggestions regarding the marketing and packaging of products such that Muslim customers would be better targeted or satisfied. Four out of six studies had a geographic focus. Out of these four, three of the studies explored the subject from the point of view of citizens or Muslims in non – Muslim majority countries. Two of the six studies found that the higher the religiosity of the customer, the greater the value placed on halal labelling as being determinative of buying behaviour. Two out of six studies showed that awareness or knowledge of the product had a significant relationship with intention to purchase, i.e. knowledge or prior awareness of the product had an influence on consumers’ decision to buy a product. There are some gaps in the literature in this area and the field would benefit from more research, especially from the research that is conducted from the point of view of the marketplace options and what manufacturers and retailers are considering when labelling halal products

Keywords: Islam, Consumer, Food Purchase, Behaviour, Marketing