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Guidelines for Submission
Authors are recommended to closely follow the below guidelines for any submitted work. Any work not adhering to these guidelines may be rejected by the editorial board of JRBSS.
Format of Manuscript:
Your submitted work is expected to be in standard British or American English. It must be no longer than 25 pages, with single spacing in Times New Roman Font of size 12. The work must be sent in Microsoft Word format to enable easy editing.
Affiliations and Associations:
Authors submitting work must take care to ensure that the main text of the submission does not contain any of their names or their affiliations.
Title Page:
Before the main text, the submitted work must contain a title page. It must contain the following information:

  • Title of Submitted Work in brief and without abbreviations or acronyms
  • Names and Affiliation of Author or Authors
  • Full postal address of authors’ affiliated institutions, including any location where original research pertaining to the submitted work was performed
  • All contact information of all authors including postal address, phone number and email IDs
  • Name and complete contact information of one corresponding author who will act as the focal point of communication with the Journal.
  • Names and details of any entity that has supported or sponsored the research presented in the work.
Abstract and Keywords:
The Title Page should be followed by an abstract that contains a succinct summary of the objectives of the research presented in the submitted work, the methodology used, the results obtained, and the conclusions reached by the author or the authors. Authors are advised not to use any references in the abstract. In the event you do, the reference must be cited in full and must then not appear in the list of references at the end of the work. It is important for authors to note that the abstract must not exceed 200-300 words.

Following the abstract are a set of keywords to be submitted by the authors. Authors are advised to submit no more than eight keywords and not include plurals or complex or multiple concepts in the keywords.

Presentation of Manuscript:
Authors must make clear divisions in their articles in terms of subsections to enable easy reading.

In case your work contains any tables, figures or graphs, you are advised that they be presented within the body of the main text. Please do not submit them separately.

The main text, including figures, tables or graphs, must be formatted according to the APA style.

A list of references used by the authors must be provided following the main text of the submitted work.

Authors are advised to adhere exactly to the APA style of citations for their references. The complete details of this style of formatting can be found here.

It is important that authors ensure that all references cited in the main text of their submitted work be reflected in the list of references. All references appearing in the list of references at the end, must also appear in the body of the main text. In case you wish to use any unpublished material or personal communications, they must not be cited in the list of references. If any of the aforementioned unpublished material are about to be published, they can be cited as ‘in press’. 1

When ordering your list of references, please order then first alphabetically and then chronologically.

If your submitted work has references to multiple works by the same author in the same year, you can indicate their difference by marking them with ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, etc. after the publication year.

Any work submitted must indicate that all authors of the piece have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed herein on the website of the Journal for Research on Business and Social Science.